Excellent product of very high quality, what the seller doesn't tell you is that they need CANBUS, although they have an integrated microphone in their box, it's not enough to regulate voltage variations in all vehicles. I bought a D-Lumina Canbus and the matter was fixed, the lights are luxurious, no more flickers or blackouts, with the Canbus the product is super and it illuminates very well without dazzling.


These lights are great, and I really appreciate the improvements Hikari has put into this edition. Prior to purchasing these, I had been using the Hikari UltraFocus headlights for 2 years until I decided to purchase these bulbs and give away my older lights to another vehicle.
Physically these headlights look very similar to their other model and are installed the same way too.


In 2019 I installed Hikari Thunder bulbs on my 10th Gen Honda Civic (projectors). I upgraded to the Hikari 2023 Titanova bulbs and there's noticeable improvement. The area directly in front of the vehicle is definitely brighter. One thing many reviewers don't consider is brightness after bulbs are on for 20+ minutes. LEDs often lose their brightness with longer runtimes. So far I'm very satisfied with these bulbs and hope they last for 2+ years.


I have a set of Hikari LEDs already in my AlphaRex headlights on my F150 but decided to move the old ones into the high beam spot to replace the halogen bulbs and put these new ones into the low beam spot. Wow, they are noticably brighter than the ones I bought a couple years ago but still have the same great build quality and easy installation.
Definitely still recommend Hikari!


so far for having them in for almost a month they are doing pretty well in a 14 explorer (yes if you buy the 9005s for said years 11-15 explorer they will fit even if amazon dont have a confirmed fit for it.) love the adjustability on them can adjust them to give me more light on the side of the road if i need it with out taking them out. upgraded from the orginal ferhen terminators because the drivers bulb went out. wondering how long they will last in the drivers headlamp. would buy again even for spares.


Everything about these bulbs is fantastic. The clockable removable collar, the longer leads, and the brightness!! Ive been running Hikari bulbs in my entire fleet and decided to buy the Titanova's to give them a shot and I am amazed. Im going to be upgrading all my older Hikari's to these now. The absolute best headlights I've ever ran, just got better..didnt think it could happen. You wont be disappointed!

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